Alias(es) Zachery
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Deceased
Actor Logan Law
"We would have also accepted sorry"
―Zack to Jolene[src]

Zack is a minor antagonist in Wizards: The Beginning and a member of the Cool Kids. He seems to have a crush on Caitlin Zentaro and the same way back. He is also friends with her sister and brother and also Kathy.

History Edit

Not much is known except that sometime Grant sent a letter to his family saying that he was accepted to the boarding school, AWA and than received another letter saying it was a school for wizards and he has wizard blood in him. He was enrolled and given wizard money for his first year of The Academy of Wizardry Arts.

Year One Edit

He soon met Kathy, Caitlin, Danny and Jolene and they became a friend group labeled "The Cool Kids" because they were the most popular kids in the school.

Year Two Edit

She and her group decide to tease the newcomers and make a hard core rivalry with Larry Brogerheimer and his friend group. When Leroes Clush attacks them she is killed in the destruction by Leroes.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown