Wizards: The Middle is the second movie in the Wizard School film franchise. Each film is only 45 minutes.

Plot Edit

When an ordinary man wonders into Wizdaria, the wizard country and kills an innocent wizard in self-defense, Larry, Roy, Lily, Emma, Sara and Jolene check it out. When they find Leroes innocent they realize it start a second World Wizard War. Lily is kidnapped to be experimented on so the five friends must go on a rescue mission and save the Wizards forever.

Cast Edit

  • Mason Chasteen as Larry Brogerheimer, a twelve-year-old wizard who has a large crush on Lily and ended up dating her in between Wizards: The Beginning and this movie.
  • Ellie Oakes as Roy Clush, Leroes' step-son who is not legally adopted. He is still coping over the death of Aphrodite Clush, one year ago.
  • Ella Chasteen as Lily Randolf, Larry's girlfriend however ends up breaking up with as he puts her in danger being his love.
  • Emily Boehm as Emma Borchers, Aphrodite's former best friend before her death. She and Jolene do not get along well and is still suspicious of Roy.
  • Ruby Oakes as Jolene Zentaro, a former bully and now friend of Larry and his friend group. She and Emma do not get along well and she does not like Sara that much.
  • Candice White as Sara Borchers, Emma's younger sister and student at The Academy of Wizardry Arts (AWA).
  • Bennett McNeil as Shawn Burke, a government agent and locked wizard. He has his army of agents track down the wizards. He is arrested at the end of the film revealing he was a wizard.

Grace Goodson, Jamicah Kindred, Logan Law, Riley Dickerman, Caleb Cedarleaf and Ramy Ruiz portray Leroes' League of Dark Wizards members Starla, Frank, Eddy, Ryan, Thomas and Didual. Colton McCarville makes a cameo as Headmaster Grant Bingawasher

Production Edit

Colton McCarville announced filming would start in June 2016. He also announced that Larry Brogerheimer will be returning for the next film. In early April, Ellie Oakes and Tiffany Perry said, in an interview, that their relationship with each other and their father will be interesting in this film. In early June, a photo was leaked from filming that showed Larry, Roy, Aphrodite, Leroes, Grant, Lily, Emma and Jolene. Also in September, Grace Goodson annouced she would be returning as Edith along with two new henchman, Frank and Didual, portrayed by Jamicah Kindred and Logan Law. Also in November, the premise was annouced.