Plot Edit

Renee Cartagena, Taylor Perry, Luke Sumner, Joe Ford, Kyle Watson and Sue Skye are sorted into different houses by Larry. Renee is a Dodgerdorf. Taylor and Luke are Dracions and Joe, Kyle and Sue are Saracdans. Lily teaches the first practice with Roy who is still a student.

Jolene is sick so Heather, a new teacher takes her place for the day as the potions teacher. Taylor and Luke kiss leading them to detention along with Renee, Joe, Kyle and Sue who were talking. Emma walks in mad saying they are late to Transfiguration. She sees the six as they are walking to detention. Sara cheers her up by saying they still have the students here to be taught. She says goodie and walks off.

Heather is revealed to be a secret agent working with three other people, Eileen, Ryan and Logan to resurrect Leroes from eternal banishment. Luke is mad when he finds out Taylor has kissed Kyle and Joe and still has a crush on Joe. They get out of detention early and join their class in Transfiguration. Eileen, Heather, Logan and Ryan split up to find a machine that will resurrect Leroes

Cast Edit

  • Camren Bicondova as Renee Catagena, a new wizard. She has a slight crush on Joe. She is the counterpart of Larry.
  • Amber Montana as Taylor Perry, a second year wizard who is dating Luke. She is the counterpart of Emma.
  • Colin Ford as Luke Sumner, a second year wizard who is dating Taylor. He is the counterpart of Roy.
  • David Mazouz as Joe Ford, a new wizard. He has a crush on Renee. He is the counterpart of Lily.
  • Johnny Depp as Kyle Watson, a fifth year wizard who has a crush on Renee. He is the counterpart of Jolene.
  • Zabryna Guevara as Sue Skye, a fourth year wizard. She is the counterpart of Aphrodite.
  • Colton McCarville as Larry Brogerheimer
  • Ellie Oakes as Roy Clush
  • Emily Boehm as Emma Borchers
  • Aaliyah Campbell as Lily Randolf
  • Candice White as Sara Borchers
  • Erin Richards as Heather Garfield
  • Lana Parrilla as Eileen York
  • Aaron Ashmore as Logan Wall
  • Tom Welling as Ryan Carter