The Great Wizard War was a secret war having the government hunt down the wizards of the world. After the battle only two were left who gave birth to two new wizards, unknowingly starting a new generation of wizards which some ordinary humans can be blessed with wizard blood if an ancestor was a wizard. the blessing had one of the two children start a school while the other child took on a dark path starting evil wizards and sending letters to the blessed children that Grant was originally going to enroll and made some children become dark wizards.

Battles Edit

There was 100 wizards in the year 1950. The government decided to secretly hunt down each and every wizard. They killed many from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico and America. However 20 wizards started a rebellion which only lasted two years before the government found there base, miscounted and took 18 back thinking it was 20. The two wizards left decided to start a family, unknowingly starting a new generation of secret wizards.