Student Council
Members Larry Brogerheimer
Jolene Zentaro
Roy Clush (formally)
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Active
Actors Colton McCarville
Ruby Oakes
Ellie Oakes

The Student Council are a group of students, each from a different house of dormitories. They decide the announcements for the morning news and decide whether or not to do something to the school. They meet in the Great Hall, where Grant supervises them.

List of Members Edit

Dracion - Larry Brogerheimer

Siliconder - Felicia

Dodgerdorf - Jolene
Roy Clush (formally)

Sacratent - Quinn

History Edit

They have had one known meeting where they decide whether or not to allow the class, History of Grafosapians. It is also the first meeting that Jolene is in, replacing Roy after he got three detentions, expelling him from the council.