Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Grace Goodson
"Lord Leroes me and the other were caught in an earthquake and she didn’t make it out alive. Welcome Prince Roy of the Dark Wizards. We’ve been expecting you."
―Edith to Leroes and Roy[src]

Edith is a henchwoman to Leroes and secondary antagonist in the Wizards franchise. She and Cecelia seemed to be the caretakers of the cave and are revealed to have other dark wizards in the third film.

History Edit

At some point, Leroes found out Grant wanted to enroll Edith into his school so Leroes tracked her down and told her his plan to take over the wizards and she decided to join him once unlocking her powers and receiving her wand.

Year One Edit

She and Cecelia prepared a poisoned chocolate bunny because Leroes said that Larry Brogerheimer was getting to close to Roy and feared that he would reveal his cover so he decided to eliminate Larry. Also when Cecelia tried to stop her from killing Danny and Kathy she is killed too.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown