Sara Borchers
Alias(es) SareBear
Appeared in Wizards 3
Status Alive
Actor Candice White

Sara Borchers is a mentioned and upcoming character in the Wizards franchise. She is the daughter of Isaac and Madeline Borchers and sister of Emma Borchers. She is pre-wizard meaning she has not yet unlocked her powers and received a wand.

History Edit

Sara was born in 2006, a year after her sister, Emma. Her family lives on a farm and received a letter saying Emma has been accepted into the boarding school, AWA. After finding no trace of it on the internet, Madeline, her mother receives another letter saying Emma and Sara have wizard blood and Emma has been enrolled into the school. The principal of the school, Grant visits them and tells Sara she will be enrolled next year and he takes Emma with him to the school.

Year One Edit

To Be Added

Family Edit

Father: Isaac Borchers

Mother: Madeline Borchers

Sister: Emma Borchers