Roy Clush
Alias(es) Prince Roy
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Ellie Oakes
―Roy Clush to Aphrodite Clush[src]

Roy Clush is the deuteragonist and secondary antagonist of Wizards: The Beginning, Wizards: The Middle, and Wizards: The End. He is the sister of Aphrodite Clush and Hunter Clush by adopt. He is also the step-son of Leroes Clush

History Edit

In 2004, he was born to Ryan and Riley Donaldson. However after Ryan leaves them, Riley is left in despair. Leroes, Aphrodite and Hunter hunt them down. Leroes kills Riley and takes and brainwashes Roy. Roy now thinks he is Leroes' birth son and his mother was killed in a car crash.

Year One Edit

Unknown to Aphrodite, Leroes sent Roy on a personal mission. Instead of just infiltrating the school he was supposed to make nobody to suspect anything. To take this on he decided on a dumb personality. He also is the roommate of Danny Zentaro a member of the Dodgerdorf Cool Kids.

Family Edit

Mother - Riley Donaldson

Father - Ryan Donaldson

Step-father - Leroes Clush

Step-sister - Aphrodite Clush

Step-sister - Hunter Clush