Professor Eddingwell
Alias(es) Ben Eddingwell
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Deceased
Actor Bennett McNeil
"Yeah, I guess but get ready for some more of Jolene, she's really annoying"
―Eddingwell to the kids[src]

Ben Eddingwell is the detetntion watcher at The Academy of Wizardry Arts. It is unknown what month he was born or when he found out about him having wizard blood and joined the school.

History Edit

Not much is known about his life before he started teaching besides that he was born in 1991 making him 24, when he died. At some point, he decided to join the school, when he found out he had wizard blood in himself.

Year One Edit

He is the detention watcher but usually lets them have fun or let them out early if they were in there for a dumb reason. However when Grant found out he gave him a new job in the school. When Leroes attacks he saw Leroes and to avoid him telling anyone, Leroes killed him.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown