Alias(es) Livy
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Unknown
Actor Shiloh Thompson
"Hi I’m Olivia. Or Livy as some people call me"
―Olivia's only line[src]

Olivia is a minor character in Wizards: The Beginning. She is first seen as Lily Randolf's roommate and than seen kissing Miguel in the hallway before Grant scares them off.

History Edit

At some point she received a letter saying she was excepted into the boarding school, AWA. Than she received another letter saying it is a wizard school and she wizard blood in her. Once unlocking her powers and receiving her wand she enrolled in the school, to her parents' dismay.

Year One Edit

She was given her dormitory room number and learned that Lily is her roommate. She eventually meets Miguel and starts dating him. They are caught kissing in the hall before Grant scares them off. She was never seen again after that presumably dying in the destruction when Leroes Clush attacked the school.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown