Mr. Zantion
Alias(es) History Teacher
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Caleb Cedarleaf
"Hello class why don’t we start with the year 1850. During that time a thing called The Oregon Trail was on having pioneers move to Oregon. 40 something years before that there was the Lewis and Clark Expedition. William Clark was actually a Wizard. Meriwether Lewis was a Grafosapian. And when he died, it was rumored to be suicide. And it’s true, he was tired of being a wizard."
―Mr. Zantion's only line[src]

Mr. Zantion is the History of the Grafosapians teacher at The Academy of Wizardry Arts. He mentions The Oregon Trail and that Meriwether Lewis was a wizard before his suicide, for being tired of being a wizard.

History Edit

Before his teaching at The Academy, it is unknown, where he lived, where he was born or when he was born. Although at some point he found out he was half-wizard and started teaching at the Academy.

Year One Edit

He told the students about The Oregon Trail and Meriwether Lewis. He revealed Lewis was a wizard and commited suicide for being tired of it.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown