Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Unknown
Actor Jamicah Kindred
"Yeah hi. Are you Larry?"
―Miguel to Larry[src]

Miguel is a minor character in Wizards: The Beginning. He is the roommate of Larry and is dating Olivia, Lily Randolf's roommate. He presumably died in the destruction when Leroes Clush attacked.

History Edit

At some point his family received a letter saying he was accepted into the boarding school, AWA. They later received a letter saying it was a wizard school and Miguel has wizard blood in him. He was enrolled and sent there in September 2014.

Year One Edit

He met Larry when they went into their dormitory. He than met Olivia, Lily's roommate and decided to start dating her. He and Olivia were caught kissing in the hall and Grant scared them off saying it was a "public school". He was never seen after that, presumably dying in the destruction when Leroes attacked.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown