Linda Bingawasher
Alias(es) Mrs. Bingawasher
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Unknown
Actor Mia B.
"Remember to set you board at a 90 degree angle"
―Linda Bingawasher to her class[src]

Linda Bingawasher is the wife of Grant Bingawasher and is also a minor character in Wizards: The Beginning. However after Leroes attacked she was never seen again so it is unknown if she died or survived.

History Edit

In 1931, she was born with a condition that she would like younger than her appearance until she was at least 60 years. That condition made Grant Bingawasher think she was 30 years younger and married her. She revealed her condition and when she was 60, her appearance went from young and beautiful to old and wrinkly. However, Grant still loves her for her personality.

Year Five Edit

She is now 84 and teaches Wizard Ball to her class. However, she can not demonstrate because when she did it in her first year, she broke her hip. When Leroes attacked it is unknown if she was caught in the destruction and died or left her room and survived.

Family Edit

Father: Mr. Parks

Mother: Mrs. Parks

Husband: Grant Bingawasher

Sister-in-law: Molly Bingawasher

Son: Leroes Clush

Daughter: Gail Zentaro

Granddaughter: Aphrodite Clush

Granddaughter: Hunter Clush

Granddaughter: Jolene Zentaro

Granddaughter: Caitlin Zentaro

Grandson: Danny Zentaro