Lily Randolf
Alias(es) Larry's friend
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Ella Chasteen
"Larry...I-I love you"
―Lily Randolf to Larry Brogerheimer[src]

Lily Randolf is the tritagonist of the Wizards franchise. She is the love interest of Larry Brogerheimer and they get married in the Wizards: The End epilogue.

History Edit

In 2005, Lily was born and grew up to become friends with Larry Brogerheimer since they were 1 year old. They began to like each other and both received letters saying they were enrolled into a wizard boarding school and they are both wizards. They were two of the first five kids there.

Year One Edit

She was at first shy but made friends with her roommate and Emma, Aphrodite and Roy. They began to become great friends and views Roy as Emma as her best friend because Larry is her crush. Aphrodite and Roy are oblivious to the fact that she likes Larry and he likes her back.

Family Edit

Mother: Mrs. Randolf

Father: Mr. Randolf