Leroes Clush
Alias(es) The Darkest Wizard that Has Ever Lived
Master Leroes
Lord Leroes
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Jonah Chasteen
"Shouldn’t we just have a fun battle first?"
―Leroes Clush[src]

Leroes Clush is the main antagonist in the Wizards franschise. He is the on of the most powerful wizard of his time and is related to many wizards that fought in The Great Wizard War.

History Edit

In 1985, Grant and Linda Bingawasher give birth to Leroes and later Gail Bingawasher. Grant's sister, Molly took on a dark path and restarted the Dark Wizards. Gail and Leroes were never let out of sight to make sure Molly does not kidnap them. Leroes one day sneaks out and Molly tells him her plans of taking over the school and ruling all wizards. Gail, however, stayed home and began her path as a good wizard. Leroes grew up and when he was 19, Molly died and he ran away with his girlfriend. The next year she has a twins but leaves them in his care. He raised them and in 2013 they tracked down wizards to make sure, Grant doesn't gain them for his new school. One of them was Roy Donaldson. When they got him they killed his mother and brainwashed him into thinking his mother died in a car crash and he is not adopted, or taken. Hunter, decides not to practice magic anymore and decides to live with Gail while her children are at Grant's school. Leroes decides to have Roy and Aphrodite infiltrate the school so he can tear it apart.

Year One Edit

Leroes sometimes visits his children secretly other times spies on them through the window. Two of his dark wizards, Edith and Cecelia often do his every needs. When Leroes decides Roy is getting to close to Larry Brogerheimer he tells Edith and Cecelia to prepare a poisoned chocolate bunny as it is April. However when he survives he makes his move on the school in June and Roy and Aphrodite reveal their covers but Roy sabotages a spell and leaves with him back to the cave while Aphrodite stays with he friends. Aphrodite switches into Roy's body to distract him.

Family Edit

Father: Grant Bingawasher

Mother: Linda Bingawasher

Sister: Gail Bingawasher

Daughter: Aphrodite Clush

Daughter: Hunter Clush

Step-son: Roy Clush

Niece: Jolene Zentaro

Niece: Caitlin Zentaro

Nephew: Danny Zentaro

Aunt: Molly Bingawasher