League of Dark Wizards
Members Leroes Clush
Roy Clush
Aphrodite Clush (formally)
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Active

The League of Dark Wizards are a team of dark wizards that rebel against the light wizards in The Academy of Wizardry Arts. The League is led by Leroes Clush while the light wizards are led by Headmaster Grant Bingawasher.

History Edit

When Leroes learned that Grant is tracking down ordinary humans with wizard blood from their ancestors, Leroes begins to track them down to have them join his side. He and Aphrodite Clush collect at least 7, two of Edith and Cecelia they track down Roy Donaldson after Leroes senses a sensation of magic when he got into his house. After killing his mother and brainwashing him, he makes Roy think he is his son and their mother died in a car crash. Leroes than ordered Aphrodite and Roy to infiltrate the school until he was ready to make his move.

Year One Edit

Leroes stays in his cave with Edith and Cecelia and his other companions while Aphrodite and Roy make friends to stay undercover. When Leroes decides he must eliminate Larry Brogerheimer because he is getting too close to Roy and thinks the latter will tell Larry his secret. Edith and Cecelia prepare a chocolate bunny with poison which fails after Lily Randolf saves Larry in time. When Leroes decides to make his move he puts Edith and Cecelia on guard duty. He attacks the school and leaves with Roy but Aphrodite quits his team and permanently joins the light wizards.