Larry Brogerheimer
Alias(es) The Pure Wizard
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Mason Chasteen
"I can barely even focus thinking about Roy."
―Larry Brogerheimer[src]

Larry Brogenheimer is the main protagonist of Wizards: The Beginning, Wizards: The Middle, and Wizards: The End. He is the best friend and love interest of Lily Randolf.


He was born in May, 2005 to Aiden and Maggie Brogenheimer. In 2014 Maggie received a note from the boarding school, AWA. She enrolled him and found out there was no trace of it on the internet. She received another note saying it was a school of wizardry. After deciding to let him she magically received many wizardry dollars (krip) and decided to let him join the following September.

Year OneEdit

He and Lily were at the Grocery Store when Grant visited his home so his mom told him they were at the store. Once he and Lily walk into the school they made friends with Roy Clush, Aphrodite Clush, and Emma Borchers. After many classes and parties and meetings with the student council. He and his friends battled Leroes, the darkest wizard ever and found out Roy was a bad guy. He and Lily revealed their feelings for each other later on.

Family Edit

Father: Aiden Brogenheimer

Mother: Maggie Brogenheimer