Jolene Zentaro
Alias(es) JoJo
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Ruby Oakes
"Uncle Leroes!"
―Jolene to Leroes Clush[src]

Jolene Zentaro is a secondary character in the Wizards franchise. She is related to many powerful wizards including Grant Bingawasher and Leroes Clush. She is a minor antagonist in Wizards: The Beginning but becomes good in the end of the film.

History Edit

In 2004, Jolene was born along with her two triplets,Danny Zentaro, and Caitlin Zentaro. They grew up comfortably and rich. Danny seems to be the most forgiving, while Caitlin is most sadistic and Jolene is the meanest and in her opinion, prettiest. In 2013 Gail Zentaro received notes from her father, Grant saying that he wants to enroll the three into an academy of wizardry. She accepts and they enroll the September of 2013.

Year One Edit

Not much is known about her or her siblings in their 2013 year except that they met two other friends and labeled their friend group "The Cool Kids" because they became the most popular kids in school.

Year Two Edit

In the year of 2014 to 2015, the group stayed together bullying the newcomers. They made a hard core rivalry with Larry Brogerheimer's friend group and even battled each other once. When Leroes Clush attacked the school he killed her friends and almost killed her. Lily Randolf decides to give her another chance and she helps them defeat Leroes.

Family Edit

Father: Mr. Zentaro

Mother: Gail Zentaro

Sister: Caitlin Zentaro

Brother: Danny Zentaro

Cousin: Aphrodite Clush

Cousin: Hunter Clush

Uncle: Leroes Clush

Aunt: Unknown

Grandfather: Grant Bingawasher

Grandmother: Linda Bingawasher