Headmaster Grant Bingawasher
Alias(es) Headmaster
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Colton McCarville
"Welcome to Student Council. Jolene is our new representative from Dodgerdorf since Roy is expelled for having three detentions."
―Grant to the Student Council[src]

Grant Bingawasher is a secondary character in the Wizards franchise. He is the most powerful wizard of his time and is the husband of Linda Bingawasher and father of Leroes Clush and Gail Bingawasher.

History Edit

In 1961, Grant was born as the first wizard in the new generation and he is the son of the last two remaining wizards after The Great Wizard War. The next year his sister, Molly is born. When they are older, Molly decides to recreate the Dark Wizards and starts by killing their parents. Grant goes on a different path, marrying a lady who has wizard blood in her and unlocks her powers. They have two children together, Leroes and Gail Bingawasher. They are never let out of Grant's sight to make sure Molly doesn't kidnap them. Leroes, older visits his aunt's cave and she tells him her plan of ruling all wizards. Grant finds out about this and kills Molly thinking it will make Leroes come back to him. However, this just grieves Leroes into finishing her plot. Grant soon opens a school for the wizards that have wizard blood inside them. Leroes tracks down some of them and tells them of his plans. Grant unknowingly enrolls two of Leroes' children.

Year Five Edit

In the fifth year of teaching he enrolls Aphrodite Clush, and Roy Clush. Leroes orders them to infiltrate the school for his plot. He is also in charge of student council and his wife, Linda is in charge of Wizard Ball, a popular wizard sport. He also enrolls his grandchildren, Jolene Zentaro, Danny Zentaro, and Caitlin Zentaro. He and Leroes meet again but Leroes overpowers him and throws him into a wall. Not much is known about him after that, so far except that he recovers.

Family Edit

Father: Mr. Bingawasher

Mother: Mrs. Bingawasher

Sister: Molly Bingawasher

Son: Leroes Clush

Daughter: Gail Bingawasher

Wife: Linda Bingawasher

Granddaughter: Aphrodite Clush

Granddaughter: Hunter Clush

Granddaughter: Jolene Zentaro

Granddaughter: Caitlin Zentaro

Grandson: Danny Zentaro