Emma Borchers
Alias(es) The Farmer
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Emily Boehm
"Traitor! I knew Leroes was you father!"
―Emma Borchers to Roy Clush[src]

Emma Borchers is a character in the Wizards franchise. She is best friends with Lily Randolf and Aphrodite Clush. She is also the fun one of the group. She gives Roy and Larry strikes.

History Edit

In 2005, Isaac and Madeline Borchers gave birth to Emma and the next year gave birth to Sara Borchers. They grew up on a farm and in 2014 they received letters from the boarding school, AWA and found no trace of the school online. They received a letter saying it was school for Wizards and she has it in her blood. They also magically received 2,000,000 krip (4,000,000 U.S. dollars) and decided to give Emma, 1,000,000 krip for her school years and give Sara the other half when she goes to the school.

Year One Edit

Emma made friends with four people quickly. She made friends with Roy and Aphrodite Clush and also is the best friend of Lily Randolf and is also friends with Larry Brogerheimer who likes Lily and she likes him back. She was suspicious of Roy and later found out he is the son of Leroes Clush.

Family Edit

Mother: Madeline Borchers

Father: Isaac Borchers

Sister: Sara Borchers