Danny Zentaro
Alias(es) Dan
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Deceased
Actor Riley Dickerman
"So stay out of our way."
―Danny Zentaro[src]

Danny Zentaro is a minor antagonist in Wizards: The Beginning. He is the brother of Jolene Zentaro, and Caitlin Zentaro. He is also related to the most powerful wizards of their time.

History Edit

In 2004, he was born along with his two triplets, Jolene and Caitlin Zentaro. Jolene, is the meanest, Caitlin is the most sadistic and Danny is the most forgiving. They were enrolled in their grandfather's school for wizards. They joined the school the September of 2013.

Year One Edit

Not much is known about their first year, except that they made two new friends and labeled themselves "The Cool Kids" because they were the most popular kids in school.

Family Edit

Father: Mr. Zentaro

Mother: Gail Zentaro

Sister: Jolene Zentaro

Sister: Caitlin Zentaro

Cousin: Aphrodite Clush

Cousin: Hunter Clush

Uncle: Leroes Clush

Aunt: Unknown

Grandfather: Grant Bingawasher

Grandmother: Linda Bingawasher