Alias(es) The Other
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Deceased
Actor Aaliayah Campbell
"Yes master"
―Cecelia's only line[src]

Cecelia is a henchwoman to Leroes that appears only in Wizards: The Beginning. She seems to be very loyal calling him master, or referenced once by her partner she has called him Lord Leroes.

History Edit

At some point, Leroes found out Grant was going to enroll Cecelia in his school, so Leroes tracked her down and told her his plan to take over the wizards and she joined him after unlocking his powers and receiving a wand.

Year One Edit

She and Edith prepared a poisoned chocolate bunny to poison Larry Brogerheimer as Leroes told them because, Roy Clush was getting to close to him and he fears she will rveveal her cover to him. At some point an earthquake happened and she got caught in it and died.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown