Caitlin Zentaro
Alias(es) Kate
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Deceased
Actor Darcy Tran
"Is it bloody!?"
―Caitlin's sadistic line[src]

Caitlin Zentaro is a minor antagonist in Wizards: The Beginning and sister of Jolene Zentaro and Danny Zentaro. She is the daughter of Gail Zentaro and niece of Leroes Clush. She is also a member of the Cool Kids and has a crush on Zack.

History Edit

Caitlin, Jolene and Danny were born in 2004 and in 2013 were enrolled in their grandfather's wizard boarding school.

Year One Edit

She, Jolene and Danny met Zack and Kathy and gained a crush on Zack also creating the friend group, labeled "The Cool Kids" because they were the most popular kids in school.

Year Two Edit

The Cool Kids decided to tease the newcomers, making a hard core rivalry with Larry Brogerheimer's friend group after they got in detention. Eventually Leroes Clush attacked them and she and the cool kids, except Jolene, were killed in the destruction by Leroes.

Family Edit

Father: Mr. Zentaro

Mother: Gail Zentaro

Sister: Jolene Zentaro

Brother: Danny Zentaro

Cousin: Aphrodite Clush

Cousin: Hunter Clush

Uncle: Leroes Clush

Aunt: Unknown

Grandfather: Grant Bingawasher

Grandmother: Linda Bingawasher

Great-Aunt: Molly Bingawasher