Aphrodite Clush
Alias(es) Afro
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Tiffany Perry
"Wait! Leroes I am not going to be your servant and I don’t care if you neglect me I will stay with my true friends."
―Aphrodite Clush to Leroes Clush[src]

Aphrodite Clush is a character in the Wizards franchise and is the daughter Leroes Clush and sister of Hunter Clush and Roy Clush. She is a minor antagonist in the first part of Wizards: The Beginning.

History Edit

In 2005, Aphrodite was born in a cave to Leroes and an unknown mother. After the mother left Leroes decided to change his last name teach Aphrodite dark magic, fearing his father, Grant might want to enroll her to his boarding school and teach her good magic. She and her new brother, Roy are given a mission to infiltrate the school so that Leroes will have the ability to destroy the school and leave Grant in despair.

Year One Edit

Aphrodite and Roy walk into the school making new friends, Larry Brogerheimer, Lily Randolf, and Emma Borchers. They also meet Jolene Zentaro and her group of cool kids. When Leroes attacks the school, she decides to help her friends stop him. Roy sabotages the spell to make Leroes disappear to his cave. Roy leaves, revealing his dark cover.

Family Edit

Father: Leroes Clush

Mother: Unknown

Sister: Hunter Clush

Step-brother: Roy Clush

Cousin: Jolene Zentaro

Cousin: Danny Zentaro

Cousin: Caitlin Zentaro

Aunt: Gail Zentaro

Uncle: Unknown

Grandfather: Grant Bingawasher

Grandmother: Linda Bingawasher

Great-Aunt: Molly Bingawasher